Green Building

A green building, also known as a sustainable building, is a structure that is designed, built, renovated, operated, or reused in an ecological and resource- efficient manner....Find out what Green Building can do for you!





Sunset Creek

Two fabulous homes scheduled to be built in our newest subdivision Sunset Creek. With an emphasis on Green building techniques these energy star certified homes will have 4,000 gallon cisterns on each lot to capture rain water for water conservation. Green features available (But not limited to) include: spray foam insulation, sealed crawl spaces, Tank-less water heaters, geothermal heating, low flow faucets, and energy star appliances...Find out More!




Sage Advice from the Experts

"One of the biggest trends we have seen gain popularity in the past year is installing spray foam insulation.  Spray foam insulation provides a quieter, more efficient and healthier indoor environment by creating a more efficient seal around the building envelope."

- Vince DeFreitas, President, Silver Developers, LLC, Apex







Vince DeFreitas is a broker at CBANH. You will find that my unique qualifications as a builder/developer and broker provide me with special insight and experience that other agents can’t match. I chose CBANH Real Estate because at CBANH we don't think of a house as just a piece of property. We see it as your home, the center of your family's life, the very special place where your children grow up, where you welcome your neighbors and friends, where your dreams come to life.


I understand what a sensitive, emotionally charged process the buying or selling of a home can be. I know that it involves one of the biggest commitments a family can make. That is why CBANH® professionals like me are totally committed to providing whatever it takes to help you through the process, to keep you well informed, and to make sure you have the right answers to the many questions that inevitably arise during any real estate transaction.


If you're ready to buy or sell, you will, of course, want professional help — and I hope you will think of me and CBANH Real Estate. I am totally committed to your needs. If you need a quick answer to a specific question or more general advice about buying or selling please contact me.

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