What Makes a Building Green?

A green building, also known as a sustainable building, is a structure that is designed, built, renovated, operated, or reused in an ecological and resource-efficient manner.

Green buildings are designed to meet certain objectives such as protecting and preserving your health, using energy, water, and other resources more efficiently; and reducing the overall impact to the environment. Green buildings are sited, designed, constructed, and operated to enhance the well-being of their occupants and support a healthy community and natural environment. In practical terms, green building is a whole-systems-approach to building.

Economic Benefits of Green Building

A green building may cost more up front, but saves through lower operating costs over the life of the home. The green building approach applies a project life cycle cost analysis for determining the appropriate up-front expenditure. This analytical method calculates costs over the useful life of the asset.

These and other cost savings can only be fully realized when they are incorporated at the project’s conceptual design phase with the assistance of an integrated team of professionals. The integrated systems approach ensures that the building is designed as one system rather than a collection of stand-alone systems.

We offer many green building strategies to achieve a lower operating cost up to and including Net Zero.  They include:  Spray foam insulation, Sealed crawl spaces, Geothermal HVAC, ERV, high seer HVAC equipment, Heat pump hot water heaters, a tighter building envelope utilizing advanced framing and insulation techniques and more!

Green Building Projects

Silver Developers is the exclusive builder at Array, a 12 lot neighborhood in Chapel Hill that is North Carolina’s first 100% Net Zero new community. To learn more about Array and the beautiful and energy efficient homes available in 2022 visit www.arraysustainableliving.com.

See one of our Net Zero Homes under construction here:


and a finished homes here


Some photo’s here:


ABC News11 coverage on one of our projects here:

North Carolina’s first neighborhood of net-zero homes being built in Orange County – ABC11 Raleigh-Durham

Relationship: Client
Project Date: March 2023

Silver Developers, LLC: Your Perfect Partner for an Energy-Efficient Home

As a customer who has recently worked with Vince DeFreitas and Silver Developers, LLC to build my dream home, I am immensely pleased to provide a five-star rating for their exemplary service. Their holistic approach to home building and deep commitment to professionalism, punctuality, and sustainability is truly unparalleled in the North Carolina market.

From my first interaction, Vince demonstrated an outstanding level of professionalism. He is a highly skilled and experienced individual who guided me through every stage of the home building process with absolute transparency and patience. This made our entire experience smooth, hassle-free, and above all, truly enjoyable.

One of the most impressive aspects of Silver Developers, LLC is their extraordinary punctuality. Whether it was meeting deadlines or responding to my queries, they consistently maintained impeccable timing, keeping us informed and engaged throughout the project.

Their commitment to building energy-efficient homes is another area where they clearly shine. Vince possesses a rich understanding of sustainable and energy-efficient building materials and methods. His ability to source premium quality, environmentally friendly materials and incorporate them into the design is truly commendable. He also provided thoughtful advice on how to maximize energy efficiency and sustainability in my new home.

With the skyrocketing energy prices and growing emphasis on sustainable living, their expertise in energy-efficient construction techniques was not only beneficial but also incredibly reassuring. My home was designed and built to the highest energy efficiency standards, keeping my power bills low and reducing my carbon footprint.

What sets Silver Developers, LLC apart is their dedication to delivering exactly what their clients envision, their attention to detail, and their commitment to staying at the forefront of sustainable building practices. They don’t just build houses; they create environmentally friendly, comfortable, and beautiful homes that will last for generations.

I wholeheartedly recommend Silver Developers, LLC to anyone looking to build an energy-efficient home in North Carolina. Trust me, their exceptional service, profound knowledge, and unwavering commitment to sustainability will surpass all your expectations. Don’t just take my word for it, reach out to them and experience the Silver Developers difference for yourself.

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