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Relationship: Client
Project Date: November 2023
Our home was delivered early and within our budget. We made an adjustment at the end of our project to our landscaping budget, as we had a specific idea in mind. Our project manager, Vince DeFreitas, met with us to discuss our needs, requirements, and mutual expectations. We had already chosen a specific one story house and floor plan. Wisely making adjustments to the plans with a qualified professional, Vince quickly worked up a project cost proposal and schedule that met our needs. I believe using his recommended suppliers with whom he has established working relationships was critical to scheduling, quality and cost. We used local suppliers on the project. We did our part by meeting with vendors early in the project execution phase to make our selections, staying within our cost allowances. The sales representatives were knowledgeable and helped us create a beautiful, mid-century modern style home. After breaking ground, Vince was able to shorten the schedule, and completed our home within nine months. Vince continuously informed us about the progress of the project, and discussed any issues with us promptly during the course of the project. He is excellent at managing expectations. Vince DeFreitas’ expertise in steering us through the home-building process was truly outstanding. My husband and I highly recommend Vince and Silver Developers for building custom homes.
Relationship: Client
Project Date: March 2023

Silver Developers, LLC: Your Perfect Partner for an Energy-Efficient Home

As a customer who has recently worked with Vince DeFreitas and Silver Developers, LLC to build my dream home, I am immensely pleased to provide a five-star rating for their exemplary service. Their holistic approach to home building and deep commitment to professionalism, punctuality, and sustainability is truly unparalleled in the North Carolina market.

From my first interaction, Vince demonstrated an outstanding level of professionalism. He is a highly skilled and experienced individual who guided me through every stage of the home building process with absolute transparency and patience. This made our entire experience smooth, hassle-free, and above all, truly enjoyable.

One of the most impressive aspects of Silver Developers, LLC is their extraordinary punctuality. Whether it was meeting deadlines or responding to my queries, they consistently maintained impeccable timing, keeping us informed and engaged throughout the project.

Their commitment to building energy-efficient homes is another area where they clearly shine. Vince possesses a rich understanding of sustainable and energy-efficient building materials and methods. His ability to source premium quality, environmentally friendly materials and incorporate them into the design is truly commendable. He also provided thoughtful advice on how to maximize energy efficiency and sustainability in my new home.

With the skyrocketing energy prices and growing emphasis on sustainable living, their expertise in energy-efficient construction techniques was not only beneficial but also incredibly reassuring. My home was designed and built to the highest energy efficiency standards, keeping my power bills low and reducing my carbon footprint.

What sets Silver Developers, LLC apart is their dedication to delivering exactly what their clients envision, their attention to detail, and their commitment to staying at the forefront of sustainable building practices. They don’t just build houses; they create environmentally friendly, comfortable, and beautiful homes that will last for generations.

I wholeheartedly recommend Silver Developers, LLC to anyone looking to build an energy-efficient home in North Carolina. Trust me, their exceptional service, profound knowledge, and unwavering commitment to sustainability will surpass all your expectations. Don’t just take my word for it, reach out to them and experience the Silver Developers difference for yourself.

                                                                                                      Client, Dr. Rajat Chand



“After meeting with six different contractors, hiring Vince to build our dream home was the clear choice. From the very first meeting Vince demonstrated high levels of integrity and communication and this was exactly what we were looking for in a builder. He provide us with that steady assurance and consistent presence and then follow through with meeting timeline projections that told us he was a true professional and an expert in his field. Working with Vince was an absolute pleasure. He has great attention to detail, project management orchestration, and has developed a skillful team of sub-contractors to work with to produce a beautiful product. When ever there was something I didn’t understand, he took time explaining it to me and always made me feel comfortable with my decisions.

We highly recommend Vince if you are building a custom home. You will not be disappointed! Just meet with him, see some of the houses he has build, and talk with some of his former clients and you will see for yourself.”

HU-329048144, Client

“We talked to several builders during our search for a property to build a custom home and Vince immediately stood out in his professionalism, organization and overall knowledge. We ended up with a design on a lot that needed review and approval by the Historic Committee. This was a long process that neither of us had navigated before. Vince did a great job getting us through the process and always proposed solutions as issues came up. I would recommend Vince to anyone looking for a builder that knows the business and can get the job done.”

Nick, Client

“Silver Developers LLC provided the complete house construction package, from planning to completion. Throughout this process Vince was outstanding, with a huge attention to details and quality. We built our first home with Silver Developers in 2011, our experience was so exceptional we are currently in design for our second home in Pittsboro! Very trustworthy!”

hanneslom, Client

“We built our dream home with Vince in 2018/2019. It was our first custom built house, so we were totally new and didn’t really know what to expect. We thoroughly interviewed 3 potential builders and had preliminary discussions with at least 4 more. We called 5 of his references that we randomly picked of his list of about 20 and each customer raved about him and said they’d use him again. We also visited one of his houses that was in progress and he talked very openly about pricing and how much things cost and we were able to get a feel for his price point and what was a good fit for him – and it was a good fit for us. Also, he’s a super easy going, laid back, detail oriented person who is very much on top of things. We knew having a good relationship and chemistry with our builder was going to be important since we’d be talking to him nearly every day for 9 months.

So we think we were thorough in our selection process – and we’re deliriously happy with how things have turned out. Overall we were on time and (gasp!) UNDER budget. He was very patient explaining things and letting us know what decisions we needed to make and the deadlines in order to keep the whole timeline on track. Sure, there were a few minor things that were wrong but they were quickly corrected.

We’ve been in the house for 3 months and we’ve had no issues getting punch list items taken care of. We’re extremely happy with our house, and the entire process that Vince guided us through.

We STRONGLY recommend Vince and Silver Developers!”

KB, Client

“Vince at Silver Developers is great. We built along side of each other a couple projects. I’ve recommended his company to several clients. Good company and I appreciate the owner operator approach to building. Thanks Vince!”

John, Client

“Vince was a great contractor. He is extremely organized and the new house was completed on time and within budget. He kept track of every dollar and kept us totally informed. We could not be more happy!”

Caroline Whitson, Client

“My husband and I were referred by my neighbors to call Silver Developers. LLC. Vince with Silver Developers worked with us from the beginning in developing our plans to actually building. We never had any doubt that the job would not be completed and met deadlines. It has been 3 years since our house was built and still call to ask questions and he is always friendly and willing to help. We love our house and we Thank Silver Developer. Kayla and David Brendlinger”

Kayla Brendlinger, Client

“Vince was great to work with on our new home construction. The part that stands out is his responsiveness and ability to get things done in a timely manner. Our home was built with very high quality, a geothermal HVAC system, Spray foam insulation, a tankless water heater all which made it very efficient. Update: After 8 incredible years in our home we have decided to move to CO. We called Vince to work on subdividing our property which he did and he listed and sold our home in a weekend for well over asking price. We highly recommend him!”

Mick Ribault, Client

“Silver Developers build our completely custom build home. It was a pleasure to work with Vince. We highly recommend them for your next project. The total construction time was about 10 months which for a 100% custom build home is very reasonable. Our home is build with ICF walls, Geo Thermal, steel roof and has a contemporary design. All together it was a pretty challenging project but Silver Developers pulled it off.”

Dave Vdwouw, Client

“I’ve had the privilege and pleasure to work with Vince DeFreitas and Silver Develpers for quite a few years. We have collaborated on a variety of unique, high end residences. His approach to each client is one of giving complete satisfaction in the final product. His pays attention to his client’s requests and desires and accommodates their needs to the fullest extent. When met with the challenge of a new product or construction method, he researches the situation and tackles it without being intimidated. Vince’s customers expect superior quality and he consistently delivers regardless of the situation. I look forward to a projects with Vince because I know the final product will be an exceptionally well built home with an attention to every detail. I trust him and his ability. I certainly have no hesitation when recommending him to my clients. I’ve been designing homes for over 30 years and Vince is one of my favorite builders. I’m proud to be associated with his business.”

Triangle Residential Designs, Colleague

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